Collection: Tumbler Making Tools

Here is the full line of tumbler-making tools that have been crafted to meet the unique needs of tumbler makers. Brooke has taken her years of experience to make items that will help cup creators to be more effective with their time and work smarter. 

CamiPaige Boutique also took extra measures with their products to ensure that they can withstand day-to-day use and the wear and tear of working with different materials. For this reason, we take the time to make the walls of our products thicker and have more supporting structure inside our products so they won't break after a couple of months. We test every product before it is launched to ensure it passes the 'Brooke' test so that you won't be disappointed. 

Please note that all of our tools are 3d printed and are made to order. Placing an order will put into the queue for your items to be made and shipped to you.  Typical lead time is 7 - 10 business days to ship, but can vary depending on current order volume.