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Half Spacer for Vinyl Cutting Tool

Half Spacer for Vinyl Cutting Tool

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The Corrupted Crafters have spoken, and we listened.  Our Vinyl Cutting Tool was near perfect, but it was missing one thing.... A thinner spacer so that you can trim the vinyl on your tumbler even closer to the top rim.  The original spacers measured 1/8" thick, while this new spacer 1/16" thick. 

To install, remove the wing nuts and washers from the Vinyl Cutting Tool and remove all of the existing spacers.  Install the new Half Spacer, followed by 3 of the original spacers. Reinstall the washers and wing nuts loosely, reinstall your utility knife blade above your new Half Spacer and tighten the wing nuts.  Now you're all set to trim the vinyl on your tumbler with only 1/16" of stainless exposed instead of the 1/8" as before.

This is for 1 Half Spacer. The full size spacer in the picture is just for comparison.

This product is crafted using high-quality PLA plastic. 

These products are made to order so please allow for 7 - 10 business days before shipping.

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