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Christmas Ornament Adapter for Turner

Christmas Ornament Adapter for Turner

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Tis the season for custom ornaments for the holidays...

This all new ornament holder features large and small stands to fit most ornament sizes.  Each stand has a large enough base to stand on its own and to make it easy to hold on to while you are decorating.  Once you are ready for your ornaments to dry, simply slide the stand onto one of the shafts of the main base and it secures in place using magnets making it super easy to attach.  The base slides onto your existing turner arm and locks into place using a thumb screw.  The best part is the ornament holder is compact enough that you can fit two of them on one standard turner arm to save space and spin eight ornaments at a time!

Please be sure to measure the inside diameter of your existing turner arms when determining what size you need. Since PVC is designed to have fluid flow though it, the sizing is based off of this measurement.

As with all of our 3d printed products, they are made to order. Please allow 7-10 business days to ship.

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