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Bullet Tumbler Adaptor

Bullet Tumbler Adaptor

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Have you ever wanted to make a custom bullet tumbler, but can't find an easy way to mount the cup to your turner and keep it level?  Well CamiPaige has you covered.  Introducing the Bullet Tumbler Adaptor.  The adaptor is designed to slide on to your existing pvc turner arms and secure with a thumb screw.  It features different threading on each side of the adaptor.  The bullet shaped cap screws onto one side, flip the adaptor over and tumbler itself can screw on to the other side.  This allows for tight and positive thread engagement so you can be sure your tumbler is secure and straight with your turner arm every time.

These products are made to order so please allow for 7 - 10 business days before shipping.

Tumbler in picture not included.

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