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Wine Bottle Adapter

Wine Bottle Adapter

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How you ever thought about decorating a wine bottle with vinyl, Glitter, and epoxy?  Well now you can what the all new wine bottle adaptor from CamiPaige Boutique. This adaptor comes with an attachment to connect the neck of the bottle to your existing turner arms. It also comes with an adjustable rolling base equipped with bearings to support the weight of full bottles. Yes you read that right! You can now turn full wine bottles! The adjustable height allows this to be compatible with most turners on the market. What if you are just decorating empty bottles and don't need the support of the rolling base? We offer the bottle neck attachment by itself. What better give than a decorated wine bottle for Valentine's Day, wedding decorations, or gifts to a brides maids. 

Why stop there? What about glass soap bottles, olive oil bottles, or any other round glass bottle with a smaller neck would be great for kitchen décor.

Available in 1/2", 3/4", and 1" PVC sizes.

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