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Turner Arm 3/4 Inch Screw-On Stands

Turner Arm 3/4 Inch Screw-On Stands

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Have you ever been working on a tumbler that has the turner arm and insert in it, and you need to place it down, but you are worried about the arm falling over? Well here is a solution for that. These turner arm stands screw on to your turner arm and keep your cups upright when you need to set them down while adding decorative elements. Because these are threaded stands, they add an element of security so that your cups don't fall over. 

These stands are perfect for the following types of turners: 

-Midlands Vinyl 3/4" Turners

-Bama Cups Turners

-Turnzilla Turners

These stands are 4.75" across and 1.25" tall. 

These turner arm stands are made of a high-quality PLA plastic material. 

These products are made to order so please allow for 7 - 10 business days before shipping.

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