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Mushroom - Tumbler Charm

Mushroom - Tumbler Charm

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Introducing our delightful Mushroom Tumbler Charm, the perfect blend of whimsy and functionality to add a touch of magic to your everyday hydration companion! Crafted with meticulous care using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, these charming little mushrooms are ready to be transformed into your own personalized masterpiece.

Unleash your creativity as you adorn these charming charms with a kaleidoscope of colors, glitters, and sparkling rhinestones. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting your crafting journey, our Mushroom Tumbler Charm provides a canvas for endless imagination and expression.

Attach them to the side of your trusty stainless steel tumbler cup, and watch as they instantly elevate its aesthetic appeal. Each charm securely clasps onto your tumbler, adding a dash of enchantment wherever you go, whether it's your morning commute or a picnic in the park.

Not only do these charms serve as eye-catching embellishments, but they also serve a practical purpose by distinguishing your tumbler from the rest. Say goodbye to mix-ups at gatherings or in the office – your uniquely adorned tumbler will stand out in the crowd.

Embrace the joy of DIY crafting and personalized style with our Mushroom Tumbler Charm. Let your imagination run wild as you create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects your personality and adds a sprinkle of magic to your daily routine.

This is made to order. Please allow 7 to 10 business days to ship.

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