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Medium Size Boat Prop Epoxy Mixer

Medium Size Boat Prop Epoxy Mixer

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With the large success of our original boat prop epoxy mixer, we have had some requests for a mixer for larger batches of epoxy. Here is our medium size mixer featuring a 1/4" by 11" stainless steel shaft and a 2" wide mixing prop. 

As with the original boat prop mixer, this is designed to pull material from the bottom of the cup and bring it to the surface thus efficiently mixing your epoxy and not introducing air bubbles unlike other mixers on the market. It also cuts the mixing time in half and it isn't nearly as strenuous on your hands and wrists. 


  1. Insert the mixer into a power drill. (2 speed drills should be on the lowest setting)
  2. Submerge the mixer into the epoxy and rest it just off of the bottom of the cup (do not turn on the drill while mixer is out of the epoxy)
  3. Hold onto the mixing cup first, then turn on the drill on it's slowest speed (keep the mixer submerged throughout the mixing process or you will introduce air and turn your epoxy white)
  4. Continue to hold the mixer just off of the bottom of the cup. You will see greasy lines appear as both parts start to mix. Once the lines disappear your epoxy is fully mixed and ready to use.
  5. Clean the mixer off with a lint free shop towel and alcohol or baby wipes. (do not use acetone) 

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