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Highland Cow (6pk) - Pen Charm

Highland Cow (6pk) - Pen Charm

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Add a touch of rustic charm to your writing tools with our Highland Cow Pen Charm! This delightful 3D-printed accessory is designed to fit snugly over any InkJoy or MakerFlo brand pen, instantly transforming it into a personalized piece of art. Featuring the iconic, shaggy silhouette of a Highland cow, this charm is perfect for animal lovers and those who appreciate the beauty of the countryside.

The charm serves as a blank canvas for your creativity. Embellish it with paints, glitter, and rhinestones to highlight the Highland cow's distinctive features and fluffy coat. Whether you choose a natural look or opt for something more glamorous, the charm is ready to be customized to your liking.

Ideal for everyday use or as a unique gift, the Highland Cow Pen Charm is a fun way to bring a bit of country flair to your daily writing. It's a charming way to express your style and make your pen stand out in any setting!


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