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Cowbow Boot (3pk) - Pen Charm

Cowbow Boot (3pk) - Pen Charm

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Kick up your writing game with our Cowboy Boot Pen Charm! This unique 3D-printed accessory is designed to slide effortlessly over your favorite InkJoy or MakerFlo pen, adding a dash of Western flair to your stationery. The charm captures the iconic look of a cowboy boot, complete with intricate details that are ripe for customization.

Unleash your inner artist by decorating the Cowboy Boot Pen Charm with your choice of paint, glitter, and rhinestones. Whether you opt for a classic leather look, a sparkling rodeo-ready finish, or something uniquely your own, this charm provides the perfect canvas for your creative expressions.

Ideal for anyone who loves the spirit of the Old West or enjoys distinctive and personalized accessories, the Cowboy Boot Pen Charm makes for a fantastic addition to your own collection or a delightful gift for friends and family. Giddy up and personalize your pen—write with style and a touch of cowboy charm!


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