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Be Stronger Than Your Excuses - Acrylic Blank - CamiPaige Boutique

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses - Acrylic Blank - CamiPaige Boutique

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Discover enchantment in its purest form with our "You Are Full of Magic" Acrylic Blank – an exquisite canvas that merges heartfelt sentiment with the delicate beauty of daisies. Crafted to inspire and uplift, this blank is available in both classic acrylic and engraved acrylic options, allowing you to choose the perfect medium to express your emotions.

Envision a world where words resonate like spells and daisies bloom with ethereal grace. Our "You Are Full of Magic" Acrylic Blank encapsulates this vision, offering a heartfelt reminder of the enchanting qualities that make someone special. Whether you're creating a stunning keychain, a timeless badge reel, or a captivating keepsake, this blank becomes a vessel for your emotions.

Meticulously fashioned from the highest quality 1/8th inch acrylic, this blank boasts a seamless blend of durability and elegance. The enchanting daisy motif, with its delicate petals and vibrant spirit, is meticulously rendered to celebrate the magic within each of us.

Choose between the classic acrylic blank or the engraved acrylic version, each crafted to perfection. The classic version presents a pristine canvas for your artistic prowess, while the engraved option elevates the design with a tactile, intricate touch.

Every detail is infused with care, from the flawless surface to the impeccable edges, ensuring that your creative journey begins with a foundation of excellence. Express your feelings without hesitation, as the "You Are Full of Magic" Acrylic Blank offers the ideal backdrop for your artistic aspirations.

Gift an enchanting affirmation to a loved one or create a mesmerizing piece of art that speaks to your own magical essence. Let the world of possibilities unfold as you immerse yourself in the charm of daisies and the power of words. Embrace the magic within – both in your creations and in the hearts of those you cherish – with this extraordinary acrylic blank.

The engraved acrylic doesn't come with the digital file, but the regular acrylic blank  does.

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