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Chicken (6pk) - Pen Charm

Chicken (6pk) - Pen Charm

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Add a touch of farmyard fun to your writing instruments with our Chicken Pen Charm! This adorable 3D-printed accessory is specifically designed to fit snugly over your favorite InkJoy or MakerFlo pens, providing a quirky and creative twist to your daily writing tools.

Featuring a delightful chicken design, this pen charm is the perfect canvas for your artistic expression. Unleash your inner artist by decorating it with vibrant paints, sparkling glitter, or dazzling rhinestones. Whether you opt for a traditional barnyard look or something more fantastical, the charm's surface is ideal for customization.

Not only does the Chicken Pen Charm enhance the aesthetics of your pen, but it also makes for a charming conversation starter or a thoughtful gift for poultry enthusiasts and creative souls alike. Cluck your way to creative glory with this unique and customizable pen charm!


This is made to order. Please allow 7 to 10 business days to ship.

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