Reverse Peekaboo tumbler tutorial

Reversed Peek-A-Boo Tumbler Tutorial

This cup is a brand new technique that I use to get bright colors on a dark base. This is more of an advanced cup that can be absolutely beautiful with different themes and color schemes.

Epoxy: A Little Extra, Inc. 

SVG for This Cup:

Stainless Steel Tumbler: Craft Haven 30oz Skinny Straight 

Base Color Spray Paint: (Dark to Light Colors)

  • Rustoleum 2X UltraCover Paint+Primer: Gloss Grape
  • Krylon Fusion All-In-One Paint+Primer: Gloss Icy Grape
  • Rustoleum 2X UltraCover Paint+Primer: Satin French Liliac

Base Color Glitter (Pairing Colors):

Reversed Peekaboo Stencil Vinyl: ORAMASK 813 Paint Mask Stencil

Needle Tip Glue Bottle Applicator: Amazon:

Sunflower Glitter:

Center - Create By Firefly Rustic Rose:

Peachy Olive Glitters Carly Crue: 

Peachy Olive Glitters St. Jude: 

Spray Sealer: Rustoleum 2X UltraCover Clear Gloss

CCDIY Quick Coat:

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